The federal government sets the standards for nurse assistants who work in long-term care facilities or nursing homes. Hoku’s Nursing Aide Training Programwill ensure you are compliant and complete at least 75 hours of coursework in a nurse training program. You can then become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) by passing a state-administered exam.

The type of testing varies by state but may be comprised of both written and practical components to test your competency as a nurse assistant.

As a student in our Nursing Aide program, you’ll learn how to:

Our modules will cover:

Learn about vitals, fluid output, heights and weights, and other aspects of patient monitoring.

Study therapeutic techniques to help patients maximize function, including movement, positioning, and assistive devices.

Practice assisting patients with bathing, hygiene, and oral care.

Understand the needs of patients with common mental health issues and cognitive differences.

Hoku’s Nurse Aide Training Program will provide students with a Certification of Completion upon successfully completing the program and all its requirements.

Fees and Tuition:

Tuition costs $1500.00, with a pre-registration fee of $225.00 which is non-refundable.

Standard additional fees will apply for:

2024 Class Schedule:

All class schedules and program fees may subject to change.