Welcome to Hoku’s Nursing Aide Training Program

We’re Hoku’s Nursing Aide Training Program, with over 27 years of experience in nursing care and training. Located on the beautiful island of Hilo, in Hawaii, we pride ourselves in offering premier training courses for students to gain a certification in nursing. We are dedicated to training excellence in what can be a very demanding industry.

We aim to provide CNA students with a quality education experience, which will not only further their understanding and expertise but also ensure new generations of skilled healthcare professionals are created for the Hawaiian island communities. 

Our Mission

To integrate critical thinking knowledge and the nursing process to serve people in the community.

We aim to prepare competent nursing assistants, that are knowledgeable, and safe, with a caring attitude, and who can provide nursing care for clients in a long-term care setting, as well as home health, hospice, and hospital settings. We intend for our graduates to be competent and lifelong learning nurses while providing empathetic and compassionate care, maintaining honesty and integrity, and being respectful of all cultures and individual choices.

Before embarking on a career in nursing, completing an education program from a certified CNA training facility is required. It’s important to ensure you earn a certificate and ensure you are fully prepared for your participation in the certification exams. Whilst preparing for and passing your exams is important and necessary, high-quality training from Hoku’s Nursing Aide Training Program will ensure you develop the necessary skill and knowledge for the job, setting you up for your career.

Once you have graduated from Hoku’s, you will be qualified and eligible to take the state test to become a certified nurse aide in the state of Hawaii.

We also offer classes in a range of other courses, including CPR and Phlebotomy.

We’re fully flexible, and offer day, evening, and weekend classes and tuition assistance is available on request.