Hoku’sNursing Aide Training Program

Preparing and supporting you for a career as a licensed and certified nursing aide.

Supporting you to become a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA).

We believe in making a difference.

If you want ajobthat has the ability to really provide a meaningfulcontribution to society and have a positive impact on others, working as a nurse’s aide will provide you with a lifelong career that is not only fulfilling personally but will make a real difference in the life of your patients.

Hoku’sNursing Aide Training Program is a state-recognized training service, and our mission is to train and prepare our students to become certified healthcare leaders.Our education programs build the essential skills and understanding necessary for CNA certification in Hawaii.

Our Vision

Hoku’s Nurse Aide Training Program aims to provide a supportive environment for learning which prepares students for certification and entry into the workforce. The program is a committed, collaborative partner to healthcare agencies, supporting the nursing workforce’s needs and interests in our community. 

Our instructors have years of real-life experience in nursing, patient care, and medical assistance. That’s why we are able to offer high-quality educational training, giving you the skills and confidence in either your chosen career path or first aid qualification

All of our courses are recognized throughout the USA and follow the AHA and ECC/ILCOR (the U.S. Standard) so you can be assured your training is in the very best of hands.


Our Professional Services:

  1. Certified Nurse Aide Training Course: 5-week course (100 Hours)
  2. CPR/First Aid Certification
  3. Phlebotomy

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